ReferralCandy supports 15 languages so you can run your referral program in the language that your customers are most familiar with. Available languages are:

  • Brazilian Portuguese: pt-br

  • Chinese (Simplified): zh-CN

  • Chinese (Traditional, HK): zh-HK

  • Chinese (Traditional, TW): zh-TW

  • Danish: da

  • Dutch: nl

  • English (Default): en

  • French: fr

  • German: de

  • Italian: it

  • Japanese: ja

  • Norwegian: no

  • Russian: ru

  • Spanish: es

  • Swedish: sv

Note: The 2 letter abbreviations for the languages are below and follow the ISO 639-1 standard:

Run your referral program in an unsupported language?

If you want to run your referral program in a language that isn't listed above, please follow the instructions shown below.

You can "map" the unsupported language to one of the existing templates by following these steps:

  1. Add any language from the above list of abbreviations that you will not be using as part of your referral program (e.g. Russian) from the Store Settings page of your dashboard.

  2. Go to the Emails & Pages section of your dashboard and select "Edit HTML / CSS" for any of the program pages.

  3. Select the additional "Locale" json file from step #1 (e.g. ru.json), edit the default language directly for the various page assets, and click Publish Changes when you're done (refer to image below).

  4. To update the language of email assets, you can directly edit the text from within the email editor.

  5. For your integration, you should still use the 2 letter abbreviation of the template that you've chosen (i.e. "ru" for Spanish).

Note: Since we don't fully support the language that you are using, some system error messages will be displayed in the language of the template (i.e. Russian in this example)

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