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Updating currency settings
Updating currency settings

How to change the currency used in your referral program

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You can update your currency settings in your Store Settings, which will affect active rewards you have set up in ReferralCandy for your referral program. Updating the currency will affect the following:

  • Minimum purchase amount - The minimum purchase amount will be calculated in the currency that you set.

  • Cash rewards* - The cash reward will be shown in the currency that you set.

If you change your currency settings, the amounts you have set for your rewards will be updated to the new currency. For example, if you update your currency from USD to GBP, your cash reward of 10 USD will become 10 GBP.

*Important: Regardless of which currency you set, cash rewards will be given out in the USD equivalent amount via PayPal. For example, if a cash reward of 10.00 GBP is due to the Advocate, when it is transferred to them via PayPal it will be transferred in USD as 16.54 USD (assuming 1 GBP = 1.64 USD).

Updating the currency

  1. Go to My Store and click Store Settings.

  2. Click the Currency dropdown.

  3. Choose the currency you'd like to set for your referral program.

  4. Click Save Changes.

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