The simple answer is "NO". Referral Rewards cannot be accumulated in ReferralCandy before being sent to advocates.

Note: However, if you want to accumulate the rewards on your platform directly, you can choose the Custom Reward option from the Referral Rewards. With the Custom Reward, we'll simply notify you each time we detect a referral. You can then take that information, process it, store it in your database, and fulfill the reward directly with the advocate. Please note that this will require additional post-processing on your end that we do not directly support.

Referral Rewards from ReferralCandy are typically sent to advocates once they have referred enough rewardable referred purchases to be eligible for a reward.

Depending on the type of referral reward, there may be an additional delay. Here's an example:

  1. Store ABC wants to reward an advocate (Alice) with a $10 off coupon for each friend she refers.

  2. Alice refers 3 friends who make 1 referred purchase each at Store ABC which makes her eligible for 3 rewards.

  3. ReferralCandy will send Alice her $10 off coupons after EACH of the referred purchases occurs. She will receive 3 coupons in total.

Here is more information on the types of referral rewards.

ReferralCandy will NOT be able to:

  1. Send Alice a single coupon for $30 after she has "accumulated" the 3 rewards.

  2. Send Alice her 3 coupons only after the 3rd referred purchase was made.

Note: What retailers are able to do is set the minimum number of referred purchases that an advocate has to refer before being eligible for a single referral reward. Do note that if an advocate does not reach the minimum number of referred purchases, they are not eligible for any referral reward.

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