How to use Mailchimp to send ReferralCandy links

Make it easy for customers to share their referral links by including them in your Mailchimp emails

ReferralCandy already offers a fully-featured email marketing drip campaign (with automatic reminder emails and customizable email templates) to keep your referral program top-of-mind for your advocates. Simply invite your Mailchimp subscribers to ReferralCandy and send Invite Emails. This feature is not what you're looking for.

If you're an advanced user who'd rather send emails about your referral program using Mailchimp instead, this feature is built specially for you.

Connect Mailchimp

  • Tap on "Connect Mailchimp" and choose the Mailchimp lists that you'd like to connect to ReferralCandy

Enrolled customers

  • Unique referral links will be generated for each enrolled customer in the connected lists
  • You will know that the customer has had a referral link generated for them because they will be tagged as "Joined ReferralCandy Program" and they will have the merge field "ReferralCandy Referral Link
  • As part of the process of generating a referral link for your customers, we may generate or consume coupon codes on your eCommerce platform as well if you have chosen that option as your reward. 
  • Customers enrolled through Mailchimp connect WILL NOT be sent a referral email and reminder emails from ReferralCandy. To send customers emails from ReferralCandy, Invite Customers instead 
  • Customers enrolled through Mailchimp connect will only know about the referral program if they are sent the referral link through Mailchimp

Add Referral Link to Mailchimp emails

  • Go to the Mailchimp email campaign that you'd like to add the referral link to
  • Choose one of the connected lists as the audience 

  • Go to "Edit email" to edit your Mailchimp email content
  • Copy and Paste the Merge Tag from ReferralCandy in the content of the email


We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulty connecting your Mailchimp lists with ReferralCandy. Connecting your lists can take up to 2 business days. If it's been longer than that, please contact our support team through the ReferralCandy app immediately. 

Possible Errors

  • Lists with more than 30 merge fields cannot be connected: this is a restriction imposed by Mailchimp. Consider duplicating the list without the other merge fields, just for use with ReferralCandy.

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