Offering a Custom Friend Offer using Promo Link

You can offer a custom friend offer to give loyalty points, gift certificates, free gifts, memberships, or similar offers to referred friends through the Promo Link option.

Note: You will have to fulfill these custom offers directly as ReferralCandy is unable to do so on your behalf.

When the referred friend clicks the referral link, they will skip our Friend Landing Page (hosted by us) and will be redirected to the Promo Link URL (hosted by you) that you've set on the dashboard. It is through the Promo Link that the referred friend will automatically receive the discount from clicking on the advocate's referral link:

  1. Referred friend clicks the referral link, e.g.
  2. The friend get redirected from to the page you’ve set, e.g.
  3. An AIC param is appended to the destination URL, e.g.
  4. The friend completes the purchase and through the AIC param, the system knows it’s a referred purchase.

In your ReferralCandy dashboard please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Rewards section of your dashboard. 
  2. Under "referred friends", select "Promo Link". 
  3. Indicate the Promo link, description, and link expiry (optional). 
  4. Click "Save & Continue".

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