Enable multiple languages for your referral program

Before you start:

  • Make sure you have a developer on your team who can help you with multiple language integration.
  • Your store needs to have multiple languages active.

1. Add multiple languages

Adding languages from the settings section does not automatically translate your referral program. Once you activate the languages you need to customize and translate pages and emails for each language from your theme page.

  1. Go to the Store Settings page of your dashboard.
  2. Under 'Language Settings', click on 'Add/Remove additional language'.
  3. Select the additional languages you'd like your referral program to support.
  4. Select 'Update Language' to save your changes.

2. Update your theme

After adding your languages, remember to update emails and pages with the Classic theme for each language individually. You will see a dropdown to switch between languages and view language variations of the theme.

3. Check language integration with your store

Each customer will be tagged with a language when they visit your store. For multiple language referral program to work properly, your store needs to have the same language active. You can set your store language options from your stores admin dashboard settings.

Depending on your store integration type (email integration, javascript integration or API integration), check that multiple languages are syncing well between the store and ReferralCandy.

Learn more about Multiple Language Integration.

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