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Managing ReferralCandy generated discount codes in Shopify
Managing ReferralCandy generated discount codes in Shopify

Create filters and views to organize coupon codes in your Shopify store

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ReferralCandy auto-generates discount codes for you if you choose coupon code as your advocate reward or friend offer.

As you promote your referral program and generate more referrals, you will see more and more discount codes generated by ReferralCandy on your Shopify Discounts page. This article will help you create filtered views to better organize ReferralCandy-generated discounts codes within Shopify.

Creating filters and views

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin page and go to Discounts.

  2. On the Discounts page, click the Search and filter button.

  3. Type in the search keywords outlined in the next section to filter your list.

  4. Click Save as and name your filtered view. Your new view will appear next to your preset views.

Search keywords


Type in search

Show all ReferralCandy coupons


Exclude all ReferralCandy coupons


Show only ReferralCandy friend offer codes


Show only ReferralCandy advocate reward codes


Note: ReferralCandy automatically appends either the prefix FRIEND- for friend offer codes (for referred friends), or the prefix THANKS- for advocate reward codes (for referring advocates). Please note that this prefix is currently not customizable, but do let us know if this is a feature you're looking for.

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