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Designing your emails & pages in Developer Mode
Designing your emails & pages in Developer Mode

Customize your campaign emails and pages using HTML/CSS

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ReferralCandy provides expanded options for customizing the layout and design of campaign pages.

Note: Editing the layout of pages requires experience in programming. If you're not a developer, we suggest you consult one. Unfortunately, we do not provide debugging support for this.

Using Developer Mode

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign.

  2. Go to Emails & Pages.

  3. Find your theme and click Edit.

  4. Go to the Content tab.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Enter Developer Mode

  6. You will see a disclaimer explaining that once developer mode is enabled, you will no longer get automatic theme updates and that we won't be able to provide support in case the code breaks. Once you accept the mentioned conditions, tick the acknowledgment box then click on Enter Developer Mode.

  7. After accepting, there will now be an Edit HTML/CSS option under each email and page template. Click Edit HTML/CSS to edit all emails and pages.

  8. You will now be taken to this page where you will have the option to edit using code. Make the desired changes to the HTML/CSS of the page you wish to edit. Click Preview to see what the changes would look like and click Publish changes to save the update.

Don't have HTML/CSS knowledge? You can still customize your emails & pages by visiting the following articles:

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