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Why can't I enter my credit card details?
Why can't I enter my credit card details?
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When you try to update your credit card details for your ReferralCandy account, you might encounter some errors that prevent you from updating your details. A list of some of the common errors are shown below.

AVS check failure

Address Verification System (AVS) check failure

An Address Verification System (AVS) check is done after every successful credit card transaction.
In the event that this check fails, it means that the ReferralCandy system successfully carried out a test charge to your credit card (which is refunded immediately), but the AVS check returned the message "Street address and postal code do not match."
Most merchants allow the transaction to complete (as long as the credit card can be charged) regardless of the AVS result. This is probably why your card details have worked with other transactions previously. We've chosen to be tighter with our credit card validation and this may be why it is failing.
We'd recommend that you try updating your credit card details. If you are still getting a AVS check failure after updating your details, do contact us and we can enable a bypass for the AVS check for your account.

Payment declined

Your card-issuing bank is declining the payment authorization

At times, card issuing banks might decline to authorize ReferralCandy to make charges to your account.
To get around this, you could contact your bank to ensure that your bank approves charges by ReferralCandy (as indicated by REFERALCNDY or REFERRALCANDY in your bank statement. Or, an alternative is to try using a different credit card (if possible) for your ReferralCandy account.

Expired or invalid token

Your PayPal Token or credit card Reference Token has expired or is invalid

Even if your details have not changed - you will need to resubmit your payment details here.

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