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Enabling multiple languages for your referral campaign
Enabling multiple languages for your referral campaign

Set multi-language emails and pages for your campaign

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If your store supports multiple languages, you have the option to run your campaigns in multiple languages.

Important: Before you start using multi-languages, make sure that:

  • Your store has multiple languages activated.

  • You have a developer in your team who can help you with the multiple languages integration.

Enabling multiple languages for a campaign

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign.

  2. Click Languages.

  3. Under Multi-languages, select the additional languages that your store supports:

  4. Click Save Changes.

Note: Adding languages will not automatically translate all your campaign emails and pages to the languages you selected. Translations are added manually in Emails & Pages. See below

Adding translations in emails and pages

  1. On the dashboard, go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign.

  2. Click Emails & Pages.

  3. Find your active theme and click Edit.

  4. Click the Content tab. This tab lets you edit the content in your emails, pages, and widgets.

  5. Click Edit All Text at the bottom left of the page.

  6. Select the language you want to add translations to in the Language dropdown.

  7. Edit the content of the emails, pages, and widgets for the language you selected.

  8. Once done, click Save.

Check language integration with your store

Each customer is tagged with a language when they visit your store. For a multiple-language referral program to work, your store needs to have the same languages you selected in ReferralCandy. Make sure to match your store's available languages from your store platform's admin settings.

Depending on your store integration type (Email Integration, JavaScript Integration, or API Integration), check that multiple languages are syncing well between the store and ReferralCandy.

To learn more about using multiple languages in your referral program, check out the following articles:

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