The ReferralCandy 'Referral Widget' can be embedded on your website's front page (or any page for that matter) to show a widget that pops up and floats at the bottom right corner of the page.

 The widget (shown in the example below) invites visitors to sign up for your referral program. It contains a button that when clicked, sends them to your ReferralCandy Advocate Join Page.

Be sure to enable new signups through your ReferralCandy Portal if you choose to use this widget. You can change this setting by going to "Edit Referral Program > Settings".

 Your referral campaign must be active in order for the Referral Widget to appear.

For Shopify retailers:

1. Go to your Shopify Admin Panel - Under Themes go to Customize Theme. Under Theme Options select Edit HTML/CSS. Under Layouts select Current Layout.
2. Copy the HTML/JavaScript snippet that you can see on the 'Referral Widget' section of your Widgets Page.

3.  Paste the code just before the </body> tag and then select Save. You can then Preview. 

For retailers on other platforms:

If your shopping cart platform allows insertion of a HTML/JavaScript snippet (or if you are self-hosting), you can embed a Referral Widget.

  1. Go to your Widgets page.
  2. Go to the 'Referral Widget' section at the bottom of the page
  3. Copy the HTML/JavaScript snippet.
  4. Insert into your store's front page just before the HTML </body> tag.

How to switch the widget's position on your page?

By default, the widget will be located at the lower right hand side of the page where it is inserted. It is possible to move this to the lower left hand side of the page by specifying the value of the data-location attribute to "left".