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The referral checkout extension is available only to Shopify merchants. This enables Shopify merchants to easily embed a referral extension on the "Thank you" page at checkout.

Add the referral extension to your checkout page

For the instructions on how to install and add the referral extension to your Shopify checkout page, visit the article: Customizing your checkout configurations with apps.

Configure the referral extension on ReferralCandy

To access the settings for the referral extension, on the dashboard go to Campaigns > All Campaigns > Select your campaign. Go to the Widgets page and find the Referral Extension section.

The referral extension has two settings to choose from:

Show referral link immediately upon purchase

When this option is selected, customers can immediately see and share their referral link with their friends. For a more seamless and automated customer experience, we highly recommend this option for most referral campaigns.

Show referral link after signup

When this option is selected, new customers need to sign up first before they see their referral link. If they are already enrolled in your campaign, their referral link appears immediately at checkout.

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