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Changing the "Sent From" email address
Changing the "Sent From" email address

Set a custom sender email address for your referral emails

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By default, emails that we send out on your behalf are sent from, but you are able to change the Sender Email from the ReferralCandy dashboard.

Changing this will affect all emails that ReferralCandy sends to Advocates on your behalf. This includes referral emails, reminder emails, and reward emails for your referral campaign.

Changing the sender email address

  1. On your ReferralCandy dashboard, go to Campaigns then click Settings.

  2. Click on the Custom Email Domains tab.

  3. In the Sender (From) Email Address field, type in the email address you’d like to use.

  4. Click Send Verification Email.

  5. A verification email will be sent to the email address you set. Go to your mailbox and click the verification link to complete verification.

  6. Once complete, you will see a message confirming that the email address has been successfully verified.

Note: Once you’ve completed the steps above, the sender information of all emails sent by ReferralCandy on your behalf would display your store’s name (email address) via

To completely change the sender email and remove "via," please follow the steps below.

Using your store’s own domain in emails

Follow the steps below to remove the 'via' tag from your emails, increasing your reputation with email service providers and improving email deliverability.

Steps vary depending on the domain hosting platform, but we have some guides for you below:

Note: You may need developer assistance to perform this action.

To configure the DNS settings

  1. Enter the Sender Email Domain then click Create Keys.

  2. You will see the CNAME values you need to configure the DNS. Use the guide from your domain hosting platform to complete the steps.

  3. Once confirmed that you have successfully completed the setup, you will receive a confirmation email saying that emails are now going to be sent from your store domain.

Emails sent by ReferralCandy from your store will display your store's name and email address as the sender and will no longer have the tag.


How do I know if DKIM was successful?

In addition to the confirmation email mentioned above, you will also see a message on a dashboard confirming that the emails are going to be sent via the domain you selected.

What do I do if DKIM is unsuccessful?

Please check with your domain provider if your DNS settings are properly configured.

Can ReferralCandy configure my DNS for me?

No. You may need developer assistance to complete the necessary steps. Please contact your domain provider for any questions related to setting up DNS on your domain hosting platform.

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