What happens when the friend offer expires? (For non-Shopify merchants)
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When the Friend Offer expires, the campaign will stop automatically, thus preventing Advocates from sharing their referral links and Referred Friends from seeing the friend offer landing page to apply the discount code at your store.

Important: Stopping your campaign will render your referral program inactive and will result in:

  • All purchases since becoming inactive will not be processed, resulting in no new referral sales being detected.

  • This has knock-on effects, such as Advocates no longer receiving rewards for anyone they may have referred while the campaign was stopped

Additionally, the dashboard will send you a notification to the Admin Email address indicated in your Profile Settings.

Reactivating your campaign

To reactivate your campaign after the friend offer expiration:

  1. Go to your ReferralCandy dashboard.

  2. On the Rewards page, update the expiry date of your Friend Offer.

  3. Click the Activate referral program button.

This will help get your referral program back up and running as soon as possible!

After reactivating the Friend Offer, your Advocates' referral links will automatically redirect to the friend landing page with the most current Friend Offer incentive you've set.

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