Referral Emails are one of the biggest channels for you to promote your referral program to your Advocates. It's one of the first touch points where they are made aware that they can refer their friends to your store - and earn some rewards at the same time.

The higher the Referral Email view count, the more Advocates are aware of your referral program, and the more likely your referral program will be successful.

A good subject line is your best bet at high Referral Email views

The subject line is all that an Advocate sees before they read the email; it must be catchy enough to hook them into wanting to open and read the email.

A good way to do so is to highlight the benefit to the Advocate. You can do this by mentioning the Referral Reward in the subject line. For example:

  • Don't miss out on $20 off your next purchase!

  • Be rewarded with 15% off your next purchase when you share the love

  • Customer Exclusive: Earn $10 for every friend you refer

  • Learn how our most passionate customers earn $10 again and again!

  • Have you gotten your 20% off coupon yet?

You can also highlight the benefit to the Advocate and their Referred Friend. You can do this by mentioning the Referral Reward and Friend Offer in your subject line. For example:

  • Give 20%, Get 20% for referring your friends

  • Save $10 on your next purchase and give your friends a $10 discount too!

  • Earn $20 and give your friends $20 by referring them

An assumption that we're making here is that your rewards are attractive to your Advocates - enough to make them want to open the email after reading the subject line.