Automated fraud prevention mechanisms for referral detection

There are a few fraud prevention mechanisms that ReferralCandy has built into its referral detection system. They are outlined below:

1. Existing customers are not eligible to be referred by other advocates

ReferralCandy distinguishes between a first time customer and a repeat customer. Only first time customers can be referred. Repeat customers will not be considered referrals. For example, John refers Mary. Our system detects this and John gets the reward. Subsequently, another customer, Tim sends his referral link to Mary and Mary makes a purchase through that referral link. The app detects this, but does not consider this a referral as Mary is already an existing customer.

Note: The caveat is that for existing customers that ReferralCandy doesn't know about (i.e. customers that had made a purchase before you installed ReferralCandy), they will be considered first time customers.

2. Checks to see if the advocate is trying to refer him/herself

If it is detected that the advocate is trying to refer him/herself, ReferralCandy will not award the referral to the advocate. This is determined based on information obtained from the referred friend's invoice (such as first name, last name and email address).

3. Preventing advocates from gaming the system to get rewards

To prevent the situation where a advocate is able to game the system to get disproportionately large rewards (e.g. getting a $10 cash reward for referring a friend who makes a $1 purchase at your store), you are able to set a minimum purchase amount for purchases to count towards rewards.

4. Tools to allow you to easily handle referral fraud

Automated fraud prevention mechanisms are able to mitigate, but not totally prevent all potential cases of fraud. Thus, besides the automated fraud prevention mechanisms, ReferralCandy has features to allow you to handle and prevent referral fraud that the automated systems were not able to handle:

5. What to do when referral fraud is detected.

If, despite all the measures we have put in place, you believe that referral fraud has happened - please carry out the following steps:

  • Void the referral between the advocate and the friend, follow the instructions here
  • If that is not possible - contact us immediately and provide the information outlined here

Please contact us through your ReferralCandy account.

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