Viewing Fraud History

Check fraud-related past actions you've taken against an Advocate

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You can now check what past fraud-related actions you or the ReferralCandy system has taken against an Advocate.

Viewing Fraud History

  1. On the ReferralCandy app, go to My Store and click Fraud Center.

  2. Click View Fraud History.

  3. You can then search for an Advocate’s email and use the filtering options to narrow down your search further.

If you're accessing a contact on your Existing Customers page, you'll be able to quickly navigate to the Fraud History Page if an Advocate has any past fraud-related actions by clicking View Fraud History.

What’s an example of an action taken by ReferralCandy?

When a “marked as suspicious” referral passes its review date and you have not taken action on it, the Advocate will be automatically rewarded by our system.

If you reach out to our Customer Success team for help and they perform a fraud-related action such as disqualifying a suspicious referral, this action will be recorded in Fraud History as an action taken by “ReferralCandy.”

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