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Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Shopify Buy Button
Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Shopify Buy Button
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Providing you are using automatic coupon codes for the Friend Offer, you can connect your store in the exact same manner a regular Shopify store would (seamlessly, with no additional steps) if you are using Shopify Buy Button for your store checkout.

Note: Automatic coupon codes for the Friend Offer are required for a Shopify integration via the Shopify Buy Button and will be the only means of referral detection. If not enabled, we will not be able to detect successful referrals.

ReferralCandy has multiple ways to detect referrals, one of which is based on the redemption of unique friend offer coupon codes.

Make sure that on your Rewards page, the reward option for friends is Coupon Reward.

By default, your ReferralCandy account will default to your Shopify store's My Shopify URL on your Store Settings page.

This URL normally follows the format: <storename>

Note: If you're unable to change your ReferralCandy URL to a non-Shopify URL where your Shopify Buy Buttons are hosted, please contact us to have it manually updated.

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