How to customize the language of the Embedded Signup Widget

If you haven’t enabled multiple languages for your store yet, please do so first. This article explains how to set that up. Once done, proceed to the following steps:

1. Go to Emails & Pages

2. Find the theme you are currently using and select “Edit”.

3. Select “Content” and then scroll to the bottom and select “Edit all text”

4. Select “Referral Widget” at the bottom.

5. In the language drop down, choose your desired non-english language. Customise the text for each field.

Note: the Referral Widget will only display one (1) language (the default language selected) and will NOT switch based on the customer’s location.

6. Save your changes and if you haven’t added the Embedded Signup Widget code into your store yet, remember to do so or else the widget won’t appear on your site.

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