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Integration: Using ReferralCandy with Klaviyo 

Q: Will ReferralCandy send emails to my customers after submitting my Klaviyo API key?

A: No, submission of your API Key will only enable a connection between the both apps so they can communicate with each other. 

Q: I’ve submitted my API key and connected both apps, what do I do now?

A: You can now choose which of the 2 features you would like to use. Either ‘Activate Post Purchase Events’ or ‘Sync Klaviyo Lists’.

Feature: Post Purchase Event for Klaviyo

Q: I’ve selected the ‘Activate Post Purchase Events’ button, how can I confirm the feature is enabled?

A:If you head to your ‘Profiles’ page on Klaviyo: You should see a new profile automatically created called: You’ll also see an event that took place under that profile called ‘Enrolled in ReferralCandy through purchase’ as well as ‘Custom Properties’ created specifically for that profile. Contact us if this is not available.

Q: When will referral custom properties sync?

A: After every customer purchase, an event will be triggered that synchronises the most updated custom properties in Klaviyo. As mentioned above, you can see the custom properties created for each customer under their individual profiles in Klaviyo.

Q: Will the sync back track my past customers?

A: No, syncing will only occur moving forward from the time the Post Purchase Feature was activated. However if a past customer made a new purchase after activating this feature, that customer will trigger the ‘Enrolled in ReferralCandy through purchase’ event that will subsequently create their custom properties.

Q: Why is ReferralCandy still sending emails not from Kalviyo (flows)? (reminder, referrals, rewards, etc.)

A: When this feature is activated it will ONLY disable the Post Purchase Referral Email, other emails sent by ReferralCandy will continue to be sent.

Q: Why is someone's referral link not present on our end?

A: If you check your customer’s profile and there is no custom property available yet, nor an enrolled event. Either the customer made a purchase prior to activating the feature or there could be an issue with the Post Purchase Feature. Please contact us to have this resolved.

Feature: Klaviyo list sync invite feature

Q: Syncing my list appears to be stuck, how can I fix this?

A: Please reach out to us so we can have this checked.

Q: Syncing is complete, how do I check it’s working?

A: You can check one of the customer profiles that was included in the list you synced with us. Under “Custom Properties” you should see a new property called “referralcandy_referral_link”



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