Feature: Klaviyo list sync invite feature

Note: This feature is completely separate and independent from: Feature: Post Purchase Event for Klaviyo


This is a simple feature w/ the goal of allowing you to insert unique referral links into the email templates of your chosen lists. You may then utilize those lists in a newsletter to spread the word about the referral program, as well as enable your customers to share their own unique referral links right from the newsletter email!

The list sync feature will read all the lists that you have in Klaviyo and allow you to choose which lists you want to sync. After that, we import all contacts in the selected lists to ReferralCandy, generate referral information for them, and then sync their referral links back to Klaviyo as custom properties.

The result is that your customers are able to directly receive their unique referral links in a Klaviyo email (such as a one-off newsletter). 

How to sync Klaviyo lists w/ ReferralCandy

1. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the “Sync Klaviyo Lists” button

2. You should now see a list of all the Klaviyo “Lists” available to you. You’ll want to select all the lists that contain customers you want to be involved in the referral program.

3. Please give it some time to sync, depending on the size of this list this may take a while.

Note: If you wish to feature the referral program again in a future newsletter you need to re-sync the list to ensure all the recent customers have been generated a unique referral link. Syncing is a one-time operation but it can be manually repeated to sync the most up-to-date referral information to Klaviyo.

4. Once the list is synced successfully, the page should look like this:

You now have 1 custom property that can be inserted into the email template you intend on sending to the list of customers you synced.

5. You’re now free to insert that link into a 1 off newsletter you created

Note: If you plan on re-sending a similar newsletter to the same list that had more customers added to it, you will need to re-sync that list here:

How to launch a campaign using the ReferralCandy Custom Properties

1. First, you’ll want to spot-check a few customers in the lists you just synced have the ReferralCandy custom property available. Under the “Information” section of the customer profile, you only need to confirm that the entry “ReferralCandy Referral Link” has a property available similar to what’s seen in the screenshot below:

2. With that confirmed we can create a new campaign with the list you synced with ReferralCandy as the recipients for this campaign.

3. Edit the campaign email to include the custom property “ReferralCandy Referral link”:

4. You can preview the email itself using a customer’s email address that you’re sure has the custom property available:

5. Assuming everyone on your list has the custom property ready and synced you’re all set! 

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