When and how should I use Simple Theme?

When should I use Simple Theme?

If you'd like more customization for your emails and pages, we recommend Simple Theme. You don't need a designer or a developer to customize Simple Theme. This theme is made to work well with most brands and across devices and email apps. 

To launch your referral program instantly without any setup or customization, you may use the Autopilot Theme.

If you don't have the Simple Theme in your account, contact the Support Team to add it into your account.

What can I customize in Simple Theme?

You can tailor Simple Theme to your store's Branding, or change the Content of your emails and pages. 

Customizing Style/Branding

You can upload your logo and banner, select a brand color and a font that will be applied across your emails and pages. 

  1. Go to Emails and Pages >> Look for the Simple Theme you want to edit >> Select Edit.
  2. You'll land right on the 'Style' section of the theme.
  3. Select the 'Logo', 'Banner', 'Primary Color', and 'Font' you'd like to use.

Note: These settings are shared across all emails and pages of that theme.

Changing Content

You can write new content for your specific email or page. The change will only be applied to that specific email or page. You may need/want to incorporate Liquid variables for your content. 

  1. Go to Emails and Pages >> Look for the Simple Theme you want to edit >> Select Edit.
  2. Look for email or page you want to edit >> Select 'Edit'.
  3. On the right hand side panel, Select "Content".
  4. Write new content using our list of available liquid variables.

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