When and how do I use Classic Theme? (Legacy)

When should I use Classic Theme? (Legacy)

Note: Classic Theme was replaced by the Simple Theme, moving forward we highly recommend using the Simple Theme.

If you want more customization for your emails and pages, we recommend Classic Theme. We recommend that you have a designer or a developer to work on your theme if you use Classic Theme.

If you want a safe option that works well across devices and communication channels, we recommend you to to use Autopilot Theme.

What can I customize in Classic Theme?

You can customize almost anything if you use Classic Theme. You can either use the drag and drop user interface to design your templates, or have total control of your templates via HTML/CSS editing in developer's mode.

Be sure to check our guides on editing templates with Classic Theme:

  • Changing Universal Settings and individual Page Settings
  • Change Logo
  • Customizing the text and styling of emails & pages
  • Change the layout and design of emails
  • Customizing the layout and design of pages
  • Edit my emails & pages without affecting my customers

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