What is the Invite Advocates feature?

Before you begin

Please ensure that your emails and pages are finalized before you use the Email Past Customers feature as the Referral Emails will be sent immediately once you upload your existing customer's details.

About this feature
The Invite Advocates feature allows you to send Referral Emails to your existing customers and automatically add them as Advocates in your referral program. This feature does not update the contact details of your existing Advocates that have the same email addresses.

There are 2 options for this feature:

  1. Email blast via CSV upload: For a large number of contacts, you can upload a properly formatted CSV file with multiple rows of contact information so that emails can be sent out in a batch
  2. Send individual email: For a small number of contacts or to send a working test Referral Email, you can enter each contact's details individually to send out emails one by on


  • What if I don't have the customer's first and/or last name for sending the email blast?
    • The part of the email address before the "@" symbol will be used as the customer's first name instead (e.g. >>> "Hi james.bond007, ...")
  • For multi-language referral programs: How do I fill in my customer's language / locale information so that they receive the email in their language?
    • Please follow the 2 letter abbreviations for languages / locales shown in this article
  • For multi-language referral programs: What if I don't have the customer's language / locale information?
    • The Referral Email will be sent in your Primary Store Language which is found in the Store Settings page of your dashboard
  • Where can I find a sample of the csv file that I have to upload?
    • You can find a sample csv file here.
    • Please note that the headers are case sensitive.

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