View / Change my current pricing plan

If you signed up for a ReferralCandy account from Oct 20, 2021 onwards and have a Shopify store using cash rewards, your bill will be split between two methods. At the end of your billing month, your monthly base plan and commission (if any) will be charged to Shopify Billing, and cash rewards will be charged to your credit card (Stripe).

You are able to view / change the pricing plan for your ReferralCandy account through the ReferralCandy dashboard.

If you are within the risk-free trial period or in the first 3 days of the current billing month, changes to the pricing plan will be applied immediately (i.e. It will apply to the invoice for the current billing month). Otherwise (if you are not within the risk-free trial period nor the first 3 days of the current billing month), the pricing plan change will be applied starting from the next billing month. 

To view / change your pricing plan: 

  1. Go to your Plans & Pricing page to view your pricing plan
  2. At the page, click the grey 'Change' button in the top right corner of the 'Pricing plan details' box
  3. Select the new pricing plan that you'd like to be on

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