How do non-customers / visitors to my site sign up to take part in my referral program?

By default, anyone can enroll themselves as an advocate of your referral program via your referral program's portal access page (Please contact us if you'd like to restrict your referral program to Customers that have made a purchase ONLY).

To quickly locate your portal access page, please head to this page:

Please see the screenshot below for where you can find your portal access page link:

Try opening that link yourself and you'll be brought to a portal access page that looks something like the screenshot below.

Note: Your referral program must be Active or this link will simply redirect you to your store URL page.

Anyone can sign up for your referral program by simply entering their email address at your portal access page.

Note: This portal access page also doubles up as a login portal for existing advocates to check back on their referral link and also check on their earned rewards.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to embed an iframe widget equivalent of the portal access page somewhere on your website. Please take a look at our Embedded Signup Widget.

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