Toggling ReferralCandy Portal Access Settings

To toggle access to your ReferralCandy Portal between:

  1. Limited to existing advocates only 
    • People with existing ReferralCandy Portal accounts can use the Portal to get to their personal Portal Sharing Page. People without existing ReferralCandy Portal accounts will see the following message when they key in their email address: "Sorry, this email address is not eligible for our Referral Program"
  2. Existing advocates + New signup
    • Any visitor to the ReferralCandy Portal, even those who aren't yet enrolled in your referral program, can use the Portal Access Page to sign up for your referral campaign and access their personal Portal Sharing Page by entering their email address. A new Portal Sharing Page will be created for new advocates. 

If you are on the updated dashboard (how can I tell?):

  1. Go to "Edit Referral Program > Settings". 

  2. In the dropdown menu under "Portal Access Page", select the desired option. 

If you are on the previous dashboard (how can I tell?):

  1. Go to the Emails & Pages section of your dashboard

  2. Click the 'ReferralCandy Portal' tab

  3. In the tab, go to the bullet point with 'Portal signups:', click the [edit] link and select the desired option from the drop down menu

  4. The change will be updated automatically

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