Why does the Friend Landing Page show a blurred image in place of the coupon code?

The ReferralCandy app has inbuilt mechanisms to prevent coupon code misuse.

To prevent existing customers from misusing coupon codes that are meant for referring their friends, the app displays a blurred image in place of the coupon code when the customer views the friend landing page. However, the correct coupon code will appear when friends of customers view the friend landing page when the referral link has been shared.

When an existing customer who has already been enrolled in your referral program clicks the referral link he or she will see: 

1) A pop up informing the customer that the coupon code on the landing page will be blurred. 

Coupon landing page popup alert

2) Closing the popup will bring the customer to the friend landing page which will show a red alert bar on top and a blurred image in place of the actual coupon code.

Blurred Coupon Code on Coupon Landing Page

3) The referred friends will see the correct coupon code when subsequently viewing the friend landing page.

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