[Shopify Plus only] Increase your conversions at checkout with ReferralCandy's Shopify Checkout Extension widget! Once installed, the widget will encourage your customers to complete their order to join your referral program and earn rewards.

How to Install:

1. Enable the Widget on the ReferralCandy Widgets dashboard

2. Install the Widget on your Shopify Checkout

2.1 Go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout and accounts

2.2 Under "Customize your checkout", you'll find the link to "Go to Checkout Editor"

2.3 Add the ReferralCandy Checkout Widget app

2.4 Click "Save".

You should now see a preview of your Checkout Widget.


How do I translate or customize the checkout widget content?

Translations and customizations are not supported at this time. Please contact us to let us know what languages you'd like us to support.

How do I remove the widget?

You can "Remove app from checkout" from your Shopify Checkout Editor, or click "disable" from the ReferralCandy Widgets dashboard.

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