How To Set Up ReferralCandy for LemonStand

Part A: Setting up your ReferralCandy Account

1. Sign up for ReferralCandy here.

2. Go to your Integration page (from the navigation panel, select Edit Referral Program > Integration)

3. Select the following options (You can also follow the screenshots)

Do you have a developer? → No

Choose connection type: → Email Connection

4. Now note the tracking code and email address for your referral program. You will need them for the next two parts, so it might be a good idea to copy them into a handy text editor.

Tracking code for store checkout - needed for Part B

Email address for forwarding BCC emails - needed for Part C

Part B: Adding the tracking code to your LemonStand store

5. Log into your LemonStand dashboard.

6. In the left sidebar, under Store Design section, select Store Design > Page Templates and then find the "/checkout". Then click on “/checkout”.

7. Go to the “Content” section and copy and paste the ReferralCandy tracking code from earlier (Part A, Step 2) into the bottom of the box.

8. Click the "Save" button on the top right of the page to save the changes.

Part C: Sending invoice emails to ReferralCandy

9. In the left sidebar, under Administration section, select Administration > Email Templates and find "shop:new-order-customer". Click that.

10. In the "Email Settings" box in the right column (see screenshot below), copy and paste the ReferralCandy email address from earlier (Part A, Step 2) into the "Bcc Email Address”:

11. Click the "Save" button in the top right corner to save the changes.

Congratulations, you’ve set up ReferralCandy for LemonStand!

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