Unfortunately, many eCommerce platforms don't provide us with sufficient access to their coupon generation feature to allow us to automate this for you so you will have to create the Referral Reward coupon codes manually. (see exceptions at the end of the article)

Creating the coupon codes yourself through your store's admin panel is the best way to ensure that the coupon codes will work with your store's checkout process, giving you greater control over the coupon code conditions and functionality that are ultimately defined by your eCommerce platform. ReferralCandy then helps you distribute these codes to your customers after specific triggers. We do not affect the functionality of these pre-set coupon codes.

Find out more about How to Create Coupon Codes.

Note: There are some exceptions. ReferralCandy is able to automate the coupon generation for your referral program if you are using BigCommerceOAuth (automatic) or Shopify as your eCommerce platform.

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