Viewing your current pricing plan
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Please check our Plans & Pricing page to learn more about ReferralCandy plans and fees.

To view your pricing plan

On your ReferralCandy dashboard, click Profile and select Plans & Pricing. On this page you will see your ReferralCandy plan and the commission percentage fee for your chosen plan.

From this page you can also update your billing & payment details.

NOTE: If you have a Shopify store using cash rewards, your bill will be split between two methods. At the end of your billing month, your monthly base plan and commission (if any) will be charged to Shopify Billing, and cash rewards will be charged to your credit card (Stripe).

Can I change my plan? At the moment, changing the price plan from the dashboard is not yet available to merchants. For assistance in changing your ReferralCandy plan, please contact our support team.

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