The ReferralCandy app has automated mechanisms to mitigate discount code misuse.

To prevent existing advocates from misusing their own coupon codes that are meant for referring their friends, the app hides the friend offer discount code when the advocate attempts to view the friend landing page (via their own referral link). However, the correct discount code will appear when friends of the advocate view the friend landing page when the referral link is viewed from a different device/browser.

For example, when an advocate opens their own referral link, they will see:

1. A message at the top of the page indicating: "Don't worry if you can't see the coupon code. The actual code will appear when your friends see this page."

2. In place of the where the friend offer coupon would be normally copied, it's indicated: "SAMPLE"

Note: Don't worry, the referred friends will see the correct coupon code when viewing the friend landing page from their web browser.

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