You can include a delay in sending out post-purchase referral emails or disable it entirely.

For example, setting the delay to X number of days will result in advocates receiving the referral email X days after their purchase. This delay is often used by retailers to send the referral email to advocates typically after their orders have been shipped to them.

We recommend that you send the referral email either immediately or as soon as it makes sense for you to do so to increase the likelihood that your advocates will engage with the referral program.

To set a delay in sending the post-purchase emails:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, choose Referral Program and click on Email Settings

  2. Click on Email Notifcations and then to the Post-purchase Emails section and click the second radio button to select the number of days before the post-purchase email is sent.

  3. Click on Save Changes.

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