Can I run multiple campaigns for a single store?
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ReferralCandy can now help you run two separate campaigns for a single store!

E-commerce merchants often run an affiliate program together with their referral program. There are also merchants who would run two (2) separate campaigns with different incentive offers to target a specific customer group. Currently, running two separate campaigns in one ReferralCandy account is not supported.* However, you can run multiple campaigns for a single store if you set up one (1) ReferralCandy account for each campaign.

*Multi-Campaign Beta: We are working on making it possible for you to run multiple campaigns with one ReferralCandy account. If you've recently created an account, you will be able to draft multiple campaigns, but can activate only one campaign at a time. This is in beta and updates will be announced in the future.

For now, please follow this article if you wish to run multiple campaigns for your store.

Note: WooCommerce Retailers. Unfortunately, having multiple ReferralCandy accounts for the same WooCommerce store is not possible at this point in time. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we are looking to find a solution.

Creating a second account

This process involves reaching out to our Customer Success team as we need to make some changes in the backend to make this possible. Steps may differ depending on the type of platform you are on. Reach out to our team here to request assistance in creating a second account. We will provide the steps and walk you through the rest of the process.

We recommend using incognito or a different browser when creating a second account.

Logging into your second account

Once your second account is created, log in using a separate browser or incognito window to make sure that you will not be automatically logged in to your original account.

For Shopify merchants, we automatically generate a unique email address for the new account by adding an email tag to the email address you are using for your original account. For example, if you are using for the first account, the system will automatically assign as your second account’s log-in email address.

Merchants on other platforms are asked to use a different email address to sign up for the second account and need to use that email address to log in.

Setting up billing (Shopify)

If you are a Shopify merchant, you are only able to authorize one (1) ReferralCandy account to Shopify billing. The second account’s billing has to be set up with a credit card. You will need our help to do this, so please contact us.

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