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Tracking the traffic from ReferralCandy in Google Analytics

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017

You can track the traffic that ReferralCandy generates for your campaign through Google Analytics (assuming that it is already set up for your website) by including the "utm_source" and "utm_medium" tags at the end of the following URLs in your campaign:

  1. Store URLTo update your Store URL within ReferralCandy, please refer to this article.

  2. Discount Link - This only applies if you have chosen the Discount Link option for your Friend Offer. To update your Discount Link, please refer to this article.

To learn more about these tags and how to set them up, please refer to this help page from Google Analytics.

Why don't the statistics from Google Analytics match up with the referrals indicated in ReferralCandy?

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. ReferralCandy's fraud prevention mechanisms will automatically discount any referrals that fail our fraud prevention checks

  2. Returned purchases or Invalid Purchases may still be flagged in the ReferralCandy system if you haven't cancelled or invalidated them

  3. ReferralCandy only considers referred purchases of new customers to your store, not past customers of your store that are already known (based on email address)

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