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How do I activate, pause or stop my campaign?

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2016 04:28AM UTC
Do note that your ReferralCandy account will be charged each month for any of these 3 Campaign States, please contact us if you want to temporarily suspend your account instead.

To activate, pause or stop your referral campaign:
  1. Go to your ReferralCandy account's campaign status page
  2. At the status page, click the button in the 'Campaign Status' box and click the option that you want.
Campaign Status button
The color of the box indicates the current state of the campaign: 

  • Referrals are tracked and your campaign is fully operational
  • Emails inviting new customers to your referral campaign and reward emails are being sent out

  • Referrals are tracked but no referral emails are sent out to enrol new Advocates
    • Advocates who have already been invited to your referral campaign will still be rewarded for successful referrals. However, new customers will not be invited to your referral campaign.
  • Only emails rewarding advocates for referring their friends are sent out 

  • Referrals are not tracked and no emails are sent out
  • Use this option when customizing your campaign to prevent partially edited templates from being sent out to customers. 
Campaign States Summary
Campaign State Referrals Referral Email Reminder Email Reward Email
Active Tracked Sent Sent Sent
Pause Tracked Not Sent Not Sent Sent
Stop Not Tracked Not Sent Not Sent Not Sent

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