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Why can't my Advocate use their Referral Reward coupon at checkout?

Last Updated: May 23, 2016 02:02AM UTC
If the advocate is not able to apply the referral reward coupon code to their purchase, here are some potential reasons and what you can do to troubleshoot them:
Potential Reason Troubleshooting Steps
The referral reward coupon code has not yet been created on your ecommerce platform Check that you have created the referral reward coupon code in your ecommerce platform's admin panel.
For most platforms, you'll have to create these referral reward coupon codes yourself.
If the coupon code does not exist, please create it.
The referral reward coupon code is no longer valid (e.g. has been used / is expired) Check the validity of the referral reward coupon code in your ecommerce store's admin panel.
If it is invalid, issue the advocates with a new coupon code if you'd like them to be able to still claim their reward.
The referral reward coupon code purchase conditions are not met When creating the referral reward coupon code, you may have set some purchase conditions that have to be met before the coupon code is valid for use.
Check that the Advocate's purchase fulfils these conditions.

If all else looks ok, please contact your ecommerce platform provider to troubleshoot this further. 
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